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  1. Kirsties Boxing Day Chutney Recipe
    Boxing Day Chutney as seen on Kirsties Homemade Christmas

    1 pkt/340g cranberries

    Is this dried cranberries or fresh – if fresh can you suggest where to buy them? do major supermarkets carry such a product?


    1. An antipodean version, fantastic!
      English sugar is beet sugar as opposed to cane sugar…’s just that we can grow it so I try to be as local as possible.
      Any granulated sugar will be fine, the important ingredient is the naturally dried apricots, not only do they taste better but they act as natural little sponges soaking up any excess liquid. Orange coloured apricots are much less good as they not only do they contain sulphur but are often treated to regulate moisture.
      I like the idea of boxing day and sun, it is so damp and cold here. Have a successful cook!


  2. on the television programme when many of the chutneys and pickles were being shown one was Pan Yan type pickle but I cannot find this on the website to purchase. Is this available and how do I go about obtaining this


  3. Hi I”m from Perth Australia Where can I get the filling funnel you used to fill the jars. Can”t wait to try Chutney .

    We are looking forward to having winter in England sooooooooon Can’t wait to try all the goodies you have there Merry Xmas from 38 deg temp


    1. Its actually snowing here, but a wet snow so I am sooooooo jealous of 38 deg.
      If you type ‘jam funnel’ into any search engine you should get an online source although most decent cook shops will have one or can order one in
      Merry Christmas and enjoy your cooking!


  4. Can’t wait to make this recipe:) BUT here in Australia Cranberries are not available fresh SO can I use dried or frozen instead:)

    Secondly, English Sugar or White Sugar is this refined caster sugar or just your average plain white sugar that you use in a Cuppa Tea:)

    Another thing, sorry, Bramley cooking apples, we don’t get them here either, so can I use just plain green cooking apples.


    1. Hi Cherie
      Frozen cranberries are as good as fresh, you don’t need to thaw them first. The sugar is ordinary white granulated cuppa tea sugar and any cooking apples that break down when cooking will do. You want them to go slightly mushy but not lose all texture.
      Happy Christmas and happy chutney making!


  5. Thank you Victoria for the advice, much appreciated.

    I hope you had a great Christmas Day and hope the New Year is a good one for you.

    It is a wet Boxing Day here in Sydney Australia and much cooler thank Heavens. So I am going to get too and make our Chutney to store up for the coming year.



  6. I made some of this last Christmas (very good! ) and still have a sealed jar left, 9 months later. It looks fine – should it still be ok to eat?


    1. Hi Angela, I see no reason why not if there was a good seal on the jar, open it, if its smells ok and there is no visible mould try it………it will probably be drier and the flavours will have developed but give it a go. I put a best before date of 18months but I am using new lids which create a vacuum seal, having said that, I have eaten this chutney 3 years after making it, it was too tired but it did me no harm.


    1. I tried a batch but I wasn’t happy with the texture (bits too big) or the flavour as it didn’t seem to correspond with the advice that had been offered, so I’m afraid this has gone on the back burner……there are several comments on the blog as to commercial chutneys that are close to the original that you may like to try. At present I am snowed under with work (probably an unfortunate analogy with winter on the way) so will only be able to revisit this after the New Year……..sorry
      Best Wishes Victoria


  7. Good morning,

    Having met you in the Pyne Arms on Sunday, I just had to order some jars!
    And I am anxious to get my hands on them as I am sure I will love them all.

    Best Wishes,



  8. I want to sell my home made coriander chutney and Tamarind chutney that compliments bbq kebabs and Tikkas,Tamarind chutney can last a few months in the fridge but corriander lasts only a few days I need help to know how can i make corriander chutney to last longer and then how to bottle them and how to sell them.


    1. You will probably have to change the recipes as I anticipate yours are fresh not store chutneys which need to be eaten fairly quickly. The preservatives for store chutneys are either, sugar, vinegar (acid) or salt……you could investigate vacuum sealing which excludes air and hence microbes but I don’t know anything about that technique. Good Luck


    1. Sorry no idea and is a long and laborious exercise getting into big stores, if I were you start smaller, you will need salsa accreditation among a whole raft of other compliance legislation, getting others to bottle for you is a good idea but volumes may be a problem with a shorter shelf life product…………lots and lots of homework for you to do. Good Luck


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