Last year I was approached independently by 3 brides wanting wedding favours for their guests. We managed to produce colour co-ordinated jars which complemented both evening and breakfast feasts.

It lead me to consider offering this as a service which I am due to launch at the Exeter Festival of Food and Drink.  I can provide a selection of small jars of preserves, chutneys and jellies as wedding favours with:

.     Personalised labels

.     Award winning seasonal flavours

.    A wide palette of natural colours

.    Local sourcing

An opportunity to provide a memorable, tasteful and inexpensive keepsake for your guests, perfect for:

Wedding breakfasts……..damson, raspberry or loganberry, apricot, greengage, marmalade

Lunch or Dinner…….chilli jam, spiced apple chutney or a cool lime pickle

For any time…..flower jellies, spice or herb jellies

.     Minimum order 30

.     Priced between £2.50 and £3.00 each

.     Contribution to delivery £10

If anyone is interested please contact me with your telephone number so I can ring you to discuss what you might want!


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