Why you should use naturally dried apricots.

I am so pleased so many of you have had a successful chutney making experience and enjoy what you have made.  Some however have been less fortunate, the primary reason seems to be the type of apricot used.

Please try to find naturally dried apricots, they may be less pretty but they taste much better and because they haven’t been treated  they act as little sponges soaking up both the orange juice and any excess liquid from the pan.

If you have made the chutney with the wrong type of apricots and find the chutney too runny you can recover your chutney as follows.

Gently cook more apples  in a little orange juice until they are just soft but still in shape.  Drain (you don’t want any extra liquid) add to pan, bring to boiling point and pot.

For those in Australia, any white granulated sugar will do, I use beet sugar simply because we grow it in the UK, there is no difference in taste.


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