TV is terrifying.  As a total wuss I crouched in the corridor and listened to the bossy woman ordering Kirstie, OK, guiding Kirstie, ( the medicinal Brandy helping here).  Its a bit like being a kid watching Dr Who from behind the sofa, albeit a bit removed….to the corridor.  Then the daughters on the ‘phone, then friends being supportive…then I had to check why.

OK ……..I’m obviously bossy (and thankfully insulated by the aforementioned mothers poison of choice) so I watched it.

If in this position yourself, don’t.

The bags, darling, next time / if there ever is such a thing/ insist on makeup or a paper bag.  Luckily my husband says he still loves me……..goes to show that the old adage , get them through the stomach, is true.  That or he wants a restful uninterrupted night!



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