This is my first blogging attempt, the previous entries are those of my ever so IT literate, savvy daughter, if in doubt check out her site ……but I digress.

I  hope to let those that are interested into the world of a jam maker, occasional (I hope!) moaner, wine swilling conservationalist (aka wild garden, no pesticides/herbicides etc) and more importantly a forum to ask and answer questions…….hopefully you can avoid my mistakes and enjoy the products of your and my kitchen. Alternatively this may be wittering  in the ether as there is an awful lot out there to read and I’m not so impressed with my efforts so far!

In 36 mins Kirsties Homemade Christmas is aired.  I’m not on tonight so I can watch it.

It really was fascinating to be part of it, 2 trips to Meadowgate fighting serious urges to nick some of the posters (cooking first trip, supper second…the table was seriously beautiful, the frosted fruit and gold leafed pears I’ll have a crack at , the candles I’ll leave to the experts)  Then a trip here for the crew where I wasn’t allowed to talk as the clip would be voiced over, not easy!  Approx 5 hrs filming for 5 mins (assuming they find 5 usable mins)  Time flies its starting.


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